Core Team

Principal Investigator

Sahana Udupa is Professor of Media Anthropology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität LMU Munich and Principal Investigator of For Digital Dignity, Projects ONLINERPOL and AI4Dignity.


Research Associate

Christiane Bayer is a doctoral candidate of German Linguistics at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Her research focuses on (digital) Lexicography, Corpus Linguistics and Language Variation. She is currently employed at the LMU Center for Digital Humanities (ITG), where she is involved in the development of various web-based research projects in the field of Digital Humanities.


Laura Csuka

Research Associate

Laura Csuka is a research associate and consultant for the fordigitaldignity program. After finishing her master’s degree at LMU Munich, she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in computer science at Oxford University.


Policy Consultant

Elonnai Hickok is an independent expert examining how technology and policy can impact and benefit society. She has contributed to international policy initiatives and has presented worldwide on issues of digital rights and emerging technology and the counterbalancing of governmental and individual interests and rights. She has developed research and written extensively on issues relating to privacy, cybersecurity, surveillance, intermediary liability, and artificial intelligence. 


LMU Partner, Digital Humanities

Stephan Luecke is a member of the expert group in the ERC Proof of Concept Project AI4Dignity. He is the deputy head of the LMU Center for Digital Humanities. In the past 15 years he has focused on the field of corpus linguistics with a particular interest in geolinguistics. Since 2014 he is one of the two heads of the DFG funded longterm project VerbaAlpina. He studied Classics and received his PhD in Ancient History.

Research Associate

Antonis Maronikolakis is an NLP research associate in the ERC Proof of Concept Project AI4Dignity. He is a PhD student at the Center for Information and Language Processing in LMU, where he is working on the intersection of Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning.


Research Associate

Leah Nann is a Doctoral Researcher and Research Associate of Media Anthropology at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität München. Her research interests include AI and online extreme speech, gender-based harassment online and big data ethics. She is a team member of the ERC funded proof of concept project AI4Dignity and the bidt project Understanding, detecting, and mitigating online misogyny against politically active women.


LMU Partner, Computational Linguistics

Hinrich Schütze is the principal LMU partner for the AI4Dignity Project. He is Professor and Chair of Computational Linguistics and Director of the Center for Information and Language Processing at LMU Munich.


Research Associate

Axel Wisiorek is a data science research associate in the ERC Proof of Concept Project AI4Dignity. He completed his PhD in General and Computational Linguistics at LMU Munich, where he is working as a research associate at The Center for Information and Language Processing (CIS) and at LMU Center for Digital Humanities (ITG).




Technology Consultant

Abhineet Basan is an external consultant for Data Science and NLP. An Analytics and Big Data practitioner, he is also interested in implementing AI solutions that create a positive impact on society. He has around eight years of experience in implementing AI and technology solutions for corporates. Apart from technology, he enjoys photography and making movies.




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