The delicate petals of dandelion spread out softly, bending and curving to make room to be together, to embrace and to grow, with others all around. It is a symbol for collaboration, the idea that when arms stretch out and hands clasp one another, disciplinary boundaries melt down, and new possibilities come into view.

AI4Dignity is a proof of concept project that brings together artificial intelligence developers, fact checkers, anthropologists and policy specialists for a collaborative effort to tackle online extreme speech.

Funded by the European Research Council and hosted at LMU Munich, AI4Dignity is building a process model for bottom-up coding by partnering with fact checkers as critical interlocutors in the fight against digital hate and to develop context sensitive responses to extreme speech.

AI4Dignity is part of the For Digital Dignity research initiative and its diverse projects on digital political cultures.




For Digital Dignity Research Group
Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

LMU Munich, Oettingenstrasse 67, Munich 80538, Germany