International Associations

Cristina Tardáguila is the ​International Fact-Checking Network​’s Associate Director and also the founder of Agência Lupa​, the first fact-checking initiative in her country, Brazil. As a journalist, she has worked in some of the major Brazilian media outlets: O Globo, Folha de S.Paulo and revista piauí. She graduated in journalism in Rio de Janeiro, got her master degree in Madrid and her MBA in Digital Marketing again, in Rio. She has published two books: “A Arte do Descaso” (in 2016), about art crimes – and “Você foi Enganado” (2018), about presidential false claims. She’s been to TEDx’s red carpet twice and has won the 2018 elPeriodico’s/Grupo award as the best journalist of the year (Spain, 2018). Tardaguila has been nominated for the Gabriel García Marquez Award, in Colombia, and the Comunique-se Awards, in Brazil. Both in their innovation categories. Nowadays she coordinates the CoronaVirusFacts Alliance, the largest fac-checking collaborative project ever built.

Photo credit: Leo Aversa


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